Covet Group Business: Oficina da Marca, challenging brands

Covet Group Business: Oficina da Marca, challenging brands. If we want to talk about Covet Group we cannot dissociate from Oficina da Marca.

Covet Group Oficina da Marca
Oficina da Marca is the place where the magic for all the thinkers of Covet Group begins. This branding agency gives the tools and knowledge for brands to conquer international markets by mentoring in a marketing, sales and human resources management level.
For Oficina da Marca, the main focus is to make a brand stand out with the less financial and human effort, by developing relations and connections that stand out and give notoriety.

Covet Group Oficina da Marca
The vision is quite simple but no easy to do:

The magic happens when the right message goes to the right person through the right channel at the right moment.

Boca do Lobo, BRABBU, DelightFULL, Luxxu and all the brands from Covet Group are connected to Oficina da Marca. Oficina de Marca is the connector, the place where brands and business can exchange ideas, concepts and, most of all, cooperate to get outstanding results, that ‘s why they challenge brands.

Empowering young people is one of the values that Oficina da Marca shares with Covet Group. Everyone can be a part of it.
Covet Group Oficina da Marca

Coveted International Awards… the next big thing. Are you in?!

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