Covet Group & Craftsmanship: PREGGO expertise

Covet Group is known by the design brands that are part of its core: Boca do Lobo, DelightFULL, BRABBU, Essential Home, Maison Valentina, Luxxu, Circu, Rug’Society, and PullCast but the Covet Group is more than that.


Preggo Details
Details at PREGGO

Covet Group is more than design brands, currently is a holding corporation with 43 distinct businesses grounded in five different main activities: luxury brands, branding and design management, industry, retail and media.

Today, the products are present in 80 countries, meaning an export of more than 90%, with special emphasis to Italy, UK, Germany, France, United States, China, and the Middle East. Besides Oporto, Covet Group has its own offices and showrooms in London, Paris, and United States, powered by the retail concept of Covet House. New York will be the next city to open doors to Covet House showroom.

Details at PREGGO
Details at PREGGO
Details at PREGGO

Today we are going to focus on one of the most successful business: PREGGO. This premier global supply chain is formed by different services inside the furniture and lighting production.
Upholstery, lighting, metal, wood, and finishes are the 4 dedicated areas of work that PREGGO offers and complements with prototyping and design.
More than 2,000 exclusive pieces are made each year and the focus on detail is one of its main qualities, in fact, PREGGO offers a global service that enables the client to change and transform its pieces and make them what they’ve dreamed on.

“PREGGO challenges the integration of design with craftsmanship allied to technological and innovative principles. You can count on experience and know-how,
control of the whole production process, innovative and integrated solutions, exclusivity, deadlines compliance.”

Details at PREGGO

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