Covet Group: Pentagon Agency, the eyes of a brand

Covet Group: Pentagon Agency, the eyes of a brand. Looking to our Covet Group site and also to our brands’ site, images, catalogs, e-books, press and marketing online and offline material you can see that we think about this in detail. We test, we search, we improve and we have our eyes in the future. Pentagon is the “eyes of a brand”, they make our brands stand out.Pentagon Agency
The visual impact is the most important thing for any brand. How doesn’t recognize CocaCola or Adidas? We also have this kind of visual impact. People see our pieces, our brands, our world and recognize them as unique and also know how we are by just seeing our materials. 
This work is developed by designers and marketers to improve this brands but also to elevate design in the world. Pentagon AgencyPentagon Agency is made to look to the future but respecting the past. Like they say “Don’t be frightened of new ideas, be frightened of old ones.”.

Pentagon Agency

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