Foogo, when design gets hot

FOOGO, when design gets hot. Covet Group is always innovating the way fo showing design. Recently, it came to fireplaces. Usually, fireplaces are just a thing that warms you up and gives you a send of cozy that inspires you and calms you or just sets the mood for romance or a nice moment with friends and family.Foogo Fireplace Design

FOOGO  comes out as a new approach to this experience, the beauty side of a fireplace. why do all fireplaces look the same? Wouldn’t you love to have something that can literally send a message or make your space stand out? Also, if the fire is what warms you up, why not warm also your eyes and your creativity?

Fogo Fireplace Design
A fireplace is something timeless. You can make a makeover in your room and take it away or eventually you will try to redesign it with new materials and aesthetics. The fact is, most fireplaces get to look the same and if you want to have something different you can’t. In fact, the interior design usually makes the fireplace stand out thru the accessories, colors, and decor surrounding it.
Fogo Fireplace Design
The best fireplace design ideas usually look like a frame into the fire. At Foogo, designers got a little more into the design concept and created different perspectives of it. If you look at fireplaces, they are the heart of a room so why not elevate them to a new design perspective? Make them something artistic or even just the real statement of design that you need? At Covet Group, we believe in that, for us, nothing is impossible so Foogo was born… Follow them on Instagram: @byfoogoFogo Fireplace Design

Fogo Fireplace Design
Fogo Fireplace Design Detail

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