Happy Holidays From Covet Group

Hello readers, and goodbye 2018! It’s been a wonderful year full of design and craftsmanship here at Covet Group. And as we approach the end of the year and begin to wonder how 2019 will be we can always look back and be proud of this astonishing year that was 2018. We would like to thank all of you for your attention and that 2019 will be another year full of design and craftsmanship by all brands, events and trends here at Covet Group.

2018 was the year where design and craftsmanship was elevated to new heights, since the beginning of the year with Design and Craftsmanship Luxury Summit, where Covet Group made history in Oporto. And also thru the year when our unique design brands made a difference in the world by setting new standards of high-end luxury design.

Next year there will be a lot more so don’t miss us in 2019, in this new year to come we are going to bring a lot more of design and craftsmanship with passion and with that develop and promote powerful brands, services and products.


And now, to pass this holiday season with joy and design, here is a selection of Christmas theme decoration to inspire you. We wish you good tidings for Christmas and a happy new year. Happy Holidays and See you all in 2019!


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