Covet Brands: The Heat of Design with Timeless Fireplaces

One of the youngest brands here at Covet Group is also the one with a hot design, FOOGO is a unique design brand that brings the exclusive craftsmanship handwork of all Covet Group brands to outstanding high-end fireplaces that enhance any ambiance.

FOOGO is more than just a fireplace, it  delivers more than warm and cosy feelings. This brand wants to give you a story that stays forever with you. Inspiring architects and interior designers to have a twist of luxury and exquisite design in their projects, FOOGO wants to be a statement for any indoor or outdoor area.

Inspired by nature elements and by its forces FOOGO creates unique pieces brought by these three core values:

TIMELESS – FOOGO is a design brand of timeless fireplaces that bring warmth and coziness to every indoor and outdoor space. Exquisite firestyles adding the strength and energy of fire to a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

UNIQUE PIECES – FOOGO has an offer of fireplaces from walls to table tops, all with details that make them unique. The materials and finishes used will transport luxury, sumptuosity and comfort to any indoor or outdoor space. Each fireplace is unique and represents a strong presence of passion, intimacy and comfort, with its impressive and exquisite design.

DESIGN  STATEMENT – FOOGO delivers the most exquisite design fireplaces that can make a statement in any living area. With the main concept that Fire is the ultimate element of life and by mixing it with design is achieved brilliance through their fireplaces.

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Covet Group has brands that translate the next evolution in design and craftsmanship, and FOOGO is just one of this unique brands, if you want to know more about our brands check here, or keep in touch with our news  for more design.

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