Dolce and Gabanna New Year’s Party Outfits For Boys

Tomorrow, the most glamorous night of the year takes place. As we did with Alex and Alexa New Year’s Party Outfits for Girls, this time Dolce and Gabanna presents the cutest and most fashionable New Year’s party outfits for boys.

The traditional suit is perfect for a formal event, but we’re shaking up a little with these Dolce & Gabanna suggestions. On the left, we have a traditional suit with velvet shoes. On the right, we have pinstripes pants and coat with embroidery on the sleeves and lapel with low cut Dr. Martens look alike shoes. Plus, this outfit has a plain dark t-shirt below.

We’re still on the pinstriped suits with two types: wide and narrow. The kid on the center adds glamor with a pure black tie. Also, changing a bit of style, simple dark jeans, white shirt and a peacoat on the right are also a perfect idea for a more relaxed party.

A red metallic suit is sure not usual, but this luxury fashion brand doesn’t do anything less than this. Red is definitely the center color of the Christmas season, so it looks incredible as a suit. Add some hip slippers or velvet shoes. Perfect for stylish kids!

A simple and traditional suit, but besides the common dark, here we also have the white version with a touch of black in the bow.

When the two colors of New Year join together, gold and silver suits are born! It sure looks unusual, but New Year’s Party is all about glamor so we need to add a dash of luxury to match the mood.