LUXXU is a new lighting experience, a brand that provides a collection capable of making your projects come true, combined the classic forms with a modern attitude.

It’s made with the finest selection of materials as brass, glass and Swarovski crystal combined with rare handwork techniques and contemporary design.


LUXXU sells more than just a piece, it gives you an intense experience. All products are unique and created with exquisite detail highly decorative. Using the best materials in line with the manual techniques work of our craftsmen leads to the creation of intense and totally unique pieces.


LUXXU’s world it’s all about exclusivity, ambience, sophistication gathering the classic and modern design expressing all the beauty of the Swarovski crystals.


DESIGN | Each LUXXU’s piece show us a stunning passion for lighting design and new concepts combining the forms of the classic and the contemporary personality.

ARTS & CRAFTS | LUXXU’s pieces conveys a unique art and crafts heritage.

LUXURY & EXCLUSIVE | Inspired in the most beautiful palace in the world, each piece is a clear exponent of luxury and elegance, holding a special personality cable to change any ambiance.

CHANDELIERS | LUXXU's chandeliers are totally magnificent, capable to transform every space in a stunning scenario.

WALL | LUXXU’s wall lamps are the perfect touch for an elegant and romantic ambience for your home.

SMALL SUSPENSIONS | A small version of the chandeliers with a major contemporary personality.