Hoot emerges in the market as a brand which brings variety and versatility to small size furniture, proposing pieces to be that special finishing touch to your decoration projects. hoot offers a unique service: a unique and trendy pieces, fully customizable and a simple and fast purchasing experience. We aim to inspire all the design lovers, in order to enhance all small-sized furniture as a bigger and more exquisite presence in the decoration. and thus, bringing the history of each piece to the right place. Hoot presents diverse collections, with quality fabrics, metals, woods, and finishes, where you can choose and customize your piece. versatility and exclusivity are the key features of all our collections today – this collection fully expresses hoot’s brand and mission. today is the right collection for a modern, sophisticated and cosmopolitan décor. maximal – the name speaks for itself, maximal is an eccentric collection, where contrasts and vivid visuals reign. perfect for a bold and lively ambiance.

Best Sellers

"The stool was the first furniture piece ever handcrafted. even before its birth, our ancestors used stones and tree trunks for this same intention. our needs have changed, but the stool’s purpose remains alive and renewed."