Covet Group: Brhands Foundation, the craftsmanship homage

Covet Group: Brhands Foundation, the craftsmanship homage. Craftsmanship is always present in everything we do.Brhands Foundation
At Covet Group our mission is to elevate design and craftsmanship. This is our vital core and that’s how Brhands Foundation came to life as:

” A tribute to all makers for their wisdom, storytelling, and for building history with beautiful creations through ancient techniques and raw materials. We stand up for the ones that keep the art of craftsmanship alive.”

To do it so, Brhands is making part of Coveted Summit. The ultimate place to be and share an experience where design and craftsmanship are the principal actors. Brhands Foundation will be there to represent and show some of the old arts that make craftsmanship so important and noble to any design company. Brhands Foundation

Wood craving or ” the art of making sculpturing ornaments in a wooden object creates undeniable beauty forms and shapes.” , the Gold leaf gilding or the gold leaf application, the metal casting and azulejo,  are the master arts that Brhands tries to homage.
This work was also showcased during iSaloni 2018 or Salone del Mobile Milano, with a stand that showed artisans doing real-time work.

For Covet Group this social and also cultural responsibility is something that makes true sense when we look to our past and also, to our future. For us, respect and honor craftsmanship is one of our core values, so Brhands is part of our DNA. Brhands Foundation

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