Design Trends: What lies ahead for 2019

Design Trends: What lies ahead for 2019 – After an intense weekend of design and craftsmanship at Maison & Objet in Paris that amazed us with several new trends for the future of design, we can finally understand all that was brought in the event and how 2019 will be form what we saw and we can start inspiring for a year full of design and craftsmanship.

In here you can see some of this trends and start inspiring for new and better designs!

Earth Tones

Earth tones are getting around, with major calmer tones at this years edition of Maison et Objet is all about getting comfortable in your own home without losing a bit of style.

Natural elements

Nature has been a big thing when it comes to interior design trends it is a inspiration that comes from the simplest things, as letting natural light fill a whole space, to getting the flower and floral wallpaper into your walls, and this year nature is official in. Be inspired and seek for the outstanding design that nature gives us Like the wonderful Tortoise Washbasin by Maison Valentina inspired by the shapes of a tortoise husk!

New Pastels

Pastels colours are back on track but this time with a clear cut edge that goes from pretty pink to baby blues, feminine tones and warm colours are in bringing an edgy look, and it pairs nicely with brass and gold details as we can see in this exclusive design ambiance by BRABBU.

Art deco

It is a one of kind style with its magnificence and luxurious take in the world of design, and is coming back for 2019, bringing the mid-century design and the the mix of colours influencing new inspirations through the year, and can always be seen in the beautiful design of Essential Home furniture and DelightFULL pieces.

With our eyes aiming for the future here at Covet Group, our goal is always to set trends and be ahead, bringing the revolution of design and craftsmanship with excellence and hard work.


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