Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit Day 2

Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit Day 2  After an amazing starting day, we hope you’re ready for what’s to come on the second and final day of this summit.

Today the summit starts quite a bit earlier than yesterday at 10 AM and it starts off with a panel named Design as Driving Force Of Local Craftsmanship. This panel will talk about the rise of the designer-maker concept and design trends as a contemporary interpretation,  it briefly tells us that, classicly, the main area of design was architecture, which was understood as the major art, however, the idea of designers as artisans has become more common since the access to manufacturers is scare contributing to the emergence of the designer-maker. The speakers on this panel will be Luis Sanchez and João Branco, Founders & Creative Directors Storytailors, Toni Grilo, Product Designer, Alda Tomás, Vista Alegre Designer, Serena Confalonieri and Francesca Merciari, Creative team by Doppia Firma.

After this panel there will be a lunch break followed by one more live showcase where you can interact with the artisans and watch the process of their daily work from up close.

Following this break, we have yet another panel that goes by the name of Luxury Branding: Behind the Scenes Story, talking about the desire to reveal the process and craftsmanship for marketing and service, it tells us how nowadays, the biggest challenge for luxury brands is to maintain their sense of exclusivity and authenticity throughout the growing age of technology and how the desire to reveal the behind the scenes process of their exclusive pieces is a strategy already seen on some of the most respected brands in the industry. The speakers for this panel will be Marco Costa, CEO e Head Designer of Boca do Lobo, Nuno Barra, Marketing and External Design Director, Member of the Board of Vista Alegre Group, Jorge Martins, Founder of RomBoats, Carlos Santos, Founder & Creative Director of Carlos Santos Shoes.

At the end of the day the summit will be ending with a closure ceremony, thanking you all for coming to this amazing event.

We hope you enjoy your time with us!


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