Celebrating Covet House Douro’s 2nd Aniversary

Celebrating Covet House Douro’s 2nd Aniversary – Covet House Douro recently celebrated its second aniversary on the 23rd of June, two years presenting the best of luxury design and providing various sensations to all its visitors in each different room, because all of them have their own concept, also, two years of putting together the world of luxury design and craftsmanship with handmade products.

Talking about Covet House Douro will always be a moment of tenderness. Combining whimsical scenarios, luxury design, and glamorous ambiances, an intimate atmosphere of luxury is set. Space and time are one. Transformation becomes you.

Covet House Douro is located in one of the most astonishing landscapes of Europe, Douro, a UNESCO World Heritage famous for the traditional Oporto wine. The uniqueness of this scenario is represented in its architectural details and in the products of different brands that give way to an awe-inspiring voyage through the most refined interior design concepts. It all gets better inside since each room has a different thematic approach.

Every room was decorated by prestigious design brands, all of them famous in the luxury world. The anniversary was celebrated on 23rd June, two years of success elevating the luxury furniture and craftsmanship, the hope for the future is to continue creating the most beautiful pieces for all types of luxury projects.

More than a showroom, Covet House Douro is homage to contemporary designLuxury brands like Boca do LoboDelightfull or Brabbu are the primal elements here, narrating a story with nothing but lines, shapes, and textures. A worldwide must-go destination in the art scenario, a luxurious parallel universe, a meaningful place for a meaningful time. Once you are there, check our newest Covet Club – a new luxury experience we are unveiling just for you.


This is the beginning of a new era where Covet House Douro shuts the silences of existence and welcomes you in a timeless realm, where thoughts and ideas conduct culture and lifestyle, where imagination is what matters the most.


This is the perfect place to get that quintessential vibe you need to finish your most demanding design projects. Our goal is to boost creativity in the entire luxury design community and, so far, mission accomplished! We want you to be part of it as well so feel free to book a meeting and celebrate design with us!

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