Boca do Lobo Designs Inspired by Nature’s Darkest Look


Often, one finds nature light and calming, yet its mysterious and dark facet is always present, where imperfections and challenges never seize to exist. Boca do Lobo’s newly released “Metamorphosis” family plays on that very notion, where insects take the spotlight in a territorial dispute over the Convex and Concave mirrors, as well as the redesigned Diamond sideboard.

Curiously, the less explored notion of nature finds its way to many other Boca do Lobo designs. The Forest cabinet, a one-of-a-kind piece is inspired by nature’s creative chaos, where black branches stretch throughout its entire mirrored body. In contrast, it features a zesty interior, with silver leaf texture under a translucent orange coat.

The Bonsai dining table, draws inspiration from the traditional tree found in Japanese culture, and seeks to reflect a degree of irreverence and forward looking design that characterizes Boca do Lobo’s aesthetic.

The strong golden look that characterizes Eden series of center tables, finds a unique texture influenced by the Bible’s mythical garden. Now known as one of Boca do Lobo’s most iconic designs, it deeply influences the aesthetic movement and story-telling behind the brand.

Finally, the Lapiaz Center Table – a piece with geometric form that keeps an organic character, finds its origin in a geological phenomenon -the cracking of dolomite rocks and limestone. The final piece, sees a striking contrast between lines, materials and overall aesthetic which delivers an elegant and smooth presence.



Boca do Lobo emotional pieces are handmade in Portugal by talented artisans who use their wisdom from years of experience to combine traditional manufacturing techniques with the latest technological methods to shape the finest materials into furniture which gives rise to timeless luxurious cosmopolitan environments.

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