New Mid Century Lighting Designs


The Heritage Collection is inspired by the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s Soul and Jazz legacy with the major value a man can have – wisdom- to do with his own hands. For that reason each piece is done with passion and holds a history, a moment and a soul.

A multipurpose collection with high aesthetic pieces combined in 4 typologies: Table, Floor, Wall and Suspension. Each one has a story to tell, each one has a soul of jazz impregnated. This time the brand is presenting us with their most recent lighting creations for the Suspension category.

Created to be masterpieces at any room, these new suspension lamps are just that little secret that is missing to your mid century modern design living room. DelightFULL Design Studio was effortless to bring the power to enrich the poorest space, turning it into the brightest one: dare yourself to feel the refinement of the new additions to the Heritage Collection.

DELIGHTFULL IS HAPPY TO PROVIDE…  Pictures of all our products in high or low resolution. Any content from our website or other publications is available in PDF format. You’ll be also able to reach customized information on events.

“DelightFULL in one word is versatility! Our collections are suitable for any ambiance, since classics to urbans, minimalistic or even luxurious. We are a restless brand that is comfortable at taking risks and creating iconic masterpieces for different interior design projects. We are always trying new designs and inspirations, and we felt that our Heritage Collection needed to be improved with new suspension pieces – the most iconic of all collection.” said Diogo Carvalho, CEO and Head Designer of the brand.

About the new designs, DelightFULL is presenting:

Botti Suspension Light

The body of the original piece from DelightFULL resembles an Orchestra, embodies all the details of wind instruments. The piece made in brass takes us on a deep journey into a music concert. You can almost hear the jazz notes. Botti 32 pendant lamp is a slightly smaller version, its shape resembles a circle due to the fact the complex arms of the lighting piece are no longer there, leaving us with just the end of a trumpet. The structure is 100% handmade in black nickel and predicts the huge current trend among lighting design: the love for the black nickel finishes.

Hendrix Suspension Lamp

Inspired in the nostalgic vinyl player, this piece is a tribute to the jazz music and one of the most creative and influential musicians of the 70´s, Jimmy Hendrix. The brand presents Hendrix Suspension Lamp. This singular lighting fixture captures the attention letting you feel the acoustics of the bright Hendrix’s guitar and reminding us the high fidelity audio reproductions. Creating a beautiful effect, this piece is specially designed for low ceilings and wide living room spaces.

Charles Suspention Lamp

If you think you saw everything in what concerns lighting, you’re absolutely wrong because Charles suspension came to show that are no creative boundaries for lighting design. Its handmade copper plated body will turn your living room into the most royal setting ever imagined. Its glossy black lampshades will focus both the ceiling and the floor, providing an irresistible soft lighting.

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