Covet Group is more than a group… is COVET Town….

Located in Oporto, Portugal, Covet Town will combine in a single perimeter different creative working spaces, from design studios, marketing strategy players, media and editorial teams, to the production facilities and the artisans who shape the product itself. Brands like Boca do Lobo, DelightFull, Brabbu, Luxxu are moving their headquarters, services also factories to Covet Town.Covet Town
Far from being an office space, Covet Town already has a building that was built prior to the acquisition of space, and already has workspaces, a kitchen, an auditorium, a leisure area, an outdoor soccer field, gym, and an indoor pavilion.Covet Town

The residential area, like the old industrial centers’ neighborhoods, is planned to accommodate Thinkers and Makers, foreign collaborators or even from more distant parts of the country. Other spaces such as a library, a Covet Museum with the most distinguished collections of the group, or even a supermarket to satisfy the needs of the employees, will be some of the services provided in this visionary project. Boca do Lobo was the first brand to make this transition in November, changing its headquarters to the new creative city.
Covet TownOutside, a large area of vegetation surrounds the whole area, where an amazing diversity of fauna and flora is present, and where the workers will be able to enjoy various outdoor activities such as football, basketball, horse riding, and community gardens. A garden, open to the public, is also included in the Covet Town.

“We dream of collecting great thinkers, practitioners, retailers, the press or just design lovers, for the great celebration that is design!” Says Ricardo Magalhães, Head of Design, and even assuming that “a new era of design is about to arrive “.

The Covet Group has always distinguished itself by the irreverence and innovation with which it operates in the world of design. Therefore, Covet Town intends to be a revitalizing project for the growth of the Arts in the country and the creative process, where all customers will be invited to visit and enjoy an engaging experience, visualizing the pieces throughout their development process. This way, the group intends to raise design beyond borders while developing its multi-brand strategy.


Covet Town Maquete
Covet Town Maquete
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