Covet Brands: The Luxury of Design Lighting

Covet Brands: The Luxury of Design Lighting – When you hear about Luxury lighting it does not put into real perspective of what really is this concept. And sometimes people take for granted, on some accounts, the lighting feature in general in their homes. But when you transform all of an ambiance by introducing an unique piece of luxury lighting elevating the projects design to a hole new level. That is what Luxxu Modern Design & Living is, a brand that brings the meaning to luxury lighting today.

Luxxu is one of the many Covet Group luxury design brands, and have the main goal of redesigning the definition of art, by setting trends with timeless pieces and refined elegance.

But lighting was just the beginning of Luxxu‘s journey in luxury design, today the brand is not limited to one key object, but is creating everlasting aesthetic trough ambiances of refined design luxury.

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And with that Luxxu now gives you the opportunity to create those ambiences by adding an important detail for all that, a Furniture Collection. In a new twist for the brand Luxxu Home was created to make this concept complete trough design and craftsmanship pieces of noble materials and finishing’s where customization blossoms as brand capital.

As many of Covet Group brands, Luxxu have it’s own DNA translated in it’s values that make this brand unique with this values being:

Luxury by creating with the most prestigious materials such as 24k gold plated brass, crystal glass, Swarovski crystals and velvet are carefully handled using handmade techniques that brings up excellence into every detail.

Elegance with design experiences delivered in every product with the power of elevating its surroundings translating in an outcome that merges refined art and design.

With a Personality that impulse for a consistent search for a stylish functionality that range from modern to classical environments Luxxu reinvents trends and the concept of lighting and furniture by creating masterpieces.

Covet Group has brands that translate the next evolution in design and craftsmanship, and Luxxu is just one of this unique brands, if you want to know more about our brands check here, or keep in touch with our news  for more design

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