3 Craftsmanship Techniques That Elevates High-end Design

Craftsmanship is the soul of the Covet Group, without it the exclusive high-end design would not be. The techniques to create this exclusive pieces are what make the final result so marvelous. As we already talked about 4 craftsmanship techniques. So here are 3 more Craftsmanship techniques that elevates design.


Joinery is a technique to connect two or more pieces of wood that involves methods as simple gluing, nailing, or it can be used in very intricate joints to form a beautiful piece without the mess of the later. The main purpose of joinery is to hold wood together strongly and securely, it can also be a decorative feature of the project in which the joinery is used.

Joinery is an area of carpentry that requires a Master joiner, the one who has the skills to create high design furniture by making the best use of this important woodworking technique.

Hardware JewelryJewelry is already a timeless craft used in almost every culture known to men, by using the most high-quality materials, it always had, and always will, have one goal, that is to make the most beautiful and unique pieces.

Crossing the worlds of jewelry and furniture hardware only led to a path of exploring new aesthetic design approaches, Hardware jewelry brings the beauty of the techniques used for creating Jewelry to make high-end finishes and luxury touches to interior design aesthetics.


Filigree is one of the oldest jewelry making techniques known which is completely hand crafted, using wires of metal like gold, silver or brass to make extraordinary pieces of jewelry.

With Filigree, skilled artisans painstakingly solder tiny beads and twisted threads to create striking artistic motifs, suggesting often an exquisite and intricate lace-like patterns. Firstly, the metal is stretched until it becomes a very fine thread, it can have different weights. It takes a small piece and bends, twists, folds, and wraps the wire-like metal to form the desire shape. The fine wire elements are soldered together.

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