The Best of Portuguese Design and Craftsmanship at Maison & Objet Talks

The Best of Portuguese Design and Craftsmanship at Maison & Objet Talks – Portuguese craftsmanship will have the spotlight on Maison & Objet 2019 not only on the halls and stands where the Covet Group brands will showcase their finest pieces of craftsmanship design, but also on the conference talk “Portugal: Eldorado archi, design, craft?”.

Starting at 02:00 pm until 02:45 pm in Hall 7 (The Talks) at Maison et Objet 2019 this outstanding conference will explore the Portuguese contribute to the finest craftsmanship, everyone will have the pleasure to hear the remarkable designer Joana Astolfi from Astolfi Studio; the celebrated interior architects Artur Miranda and Jacques Bec from Oitoemponto and the renowned Amandio Pereira from the Covet Foundation for Design & Craftsmanship, moderated by the journalist Guy-Claude Agboton.

Amandio Perereira is the founder and CEO of Covet Group and set his goal “to inspire the world through Design and Craftsmanship”, and with that in mind in 2018 he established the Covet Foundation  a non-profit institution which works as a tribute to Arts & Crafts, while promoting a valuable environment across industries, where skilled artisans are encouraged and treasured worldwide

Joana Astolfi is an artistarchitect and designer who draws visual inspiration from a wide universe of found objects. Porcelain statuettes, miniatures, vintage chairs, lamps, toys, diaries and photographs of people she never met fill and shape her creative vision. Her artworks, installations and window displays are inspired by imperfections, mistakes and the irrepressibility of humor.

Oitoemponto, meaning “precisely eight o’clock” in Portuguese, arose in 1993 from the perfect alchemy between two strikingly different but truly complementary personalities. It is almost the ideal success story. With Artur Miranda’s experience in the world of fashion and design, the project set himself apart by its decidedly modern vision of decoration, a clearly marked desire to break with the established codes and dare the most unexpected combinations, while at the same time fostering and developing an innate sense of color. Jacques Bec brings to the duo a refreshing enthusiasm and the French touch, as well as the precious know-how acquired during his studies at the Met de Penninghen graphic arts school in Paris.

If you are going to Maison & Objet don’t miss out  on this amazing talk and seize this opportunity to learn more about Portuguese design and crafts.


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