Day 4 – Portuguese Design and Craftsmanship in M&O 2019

Day 4 – Portuguese Design and Craftsmanship in M&O 2019 – On this 4th day of Maison & Objet there are still a lot to see and uncover in this astonishing event. The Covet Group Brands are showcasing the best of Portuguese design in its stands. And Portuguese Design is exactly what will be in evidence today in Maison & Objet.

As the days go by at Maison & Objet more and more people experience the the influence of design from all over the world, where this event brings solution for interior designers, experts, design lovers. And from Portugal to the world comes all the Covet Group brands elevating the best of our craftsmanship and design.

This is an important day for Portuguese craftsmanship in Maison & Objet , because at 02:00pm of Paris time it will be in evidence in the conference “Portugal, Eldorado archi, design, craft?” at “The Talks” in hall 7. This talk as it was mentioned hereis bringing big names of design from Portugal to talk about “When several European designers moved to Portugal, the media asked them why. Two answers come back; the existence of craftsmanship skills and a certain state of mind with the human at the center. Truth or fantasy?”

Joana Astolfi, designer at Astolfi Studio, Artur Miranda and Jacques Bec, Interior Architects at Oitoemponto. And Amandio Pereira CEO of The Covet Group and founder of the Covet Foundation for Design & Craftsmanship, this exquisite talk will be moderated by the Journalist Guy-Claude Agboton.

So if you are in Paris for Maison & Objet, come celebrate with Covet Group and our brands the best of Portuguese craftsmanship and design, let’s start this week the best way possible!


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