Covet Brands: The Hands of Craftsmanship Magic

Covet Brands: The Hands of Craftsmanship Magic – Here at Covet Group we have always stated the importance that is craftsmanship for us, and our goal to change the world trough design, so today we are going to talk about Preggo and how it makes the magic of craftsmanship turn into wonders of design for the Covet Group Brands.

The Preggo history began 14 years ago with the desire to support Portuguese design brands. It started in a small warehouse, producing only wooden furniture and working with some of the best wood artisans of Porto. From the beginning, their history has been linked with highly creative and innovative design brands, to whom they are the main partner when it comes to create unique and innovative quality furniture.

Through the years, the craftsmanship expertise that everyone has come to expect of Preggo, has been allied to innovative technology, which allowed to work smarter and better, and to respond to the client’s high standards. Today, Preggo is specialized not only in wood, but also in metal, upholstery and lighting, with the producing units occupying 15.000 square feet and employ over 170 people.

Preggo‘s every day’s work is to ensure that it delivers technical and aesthetic quality in all the projects, with a deep respect for traditional craftsmanship all the furniture produced is lovingly hand crafted by Portuguese craftsmen.


Preggo was also present this year in Maison & Objet 2019 where they showcased, by the bests craftsman, the unique techniques that are used to build exclusive design for all kind of luxury brands, in other worlds how they are elevating Craftsmanship and Design.

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