MoodBoard Inspirations: Back to Black

MoodBoard Inspirations: Back to Black – Interiors in monochromatic black are a trend that will be dominating in 2019. Black is often seen as a seductive, powerful and authoritative colour that can evoke lots of strong emotions.  Let’s explore the influence of black in inspiring new astonishing design.

Monochromatic interiors can be a dangerous choice, but if done right they can actually be one of the easiest palettes to decorate a division. For a monochromatic room to work, one has to use various tints and shades of the same colour while mixing various textures and materials in order to keep things interesting. If done wrong, the final result will be a bit tedious and monotonous.

Black is a colour that usually brings a serene yet shockingly elegant tone to one’s home decor. It is also a glamorous and sedate hue to use in every division and you can opt to introduce aesthetic elements to the decor so as to spruce things up, thing, for example, a glorious black chandelier, an upholstered chair in velvet, a massive fluffy rug in darker tones, a black patterned wallpaper or even an ornate lamp.

Black is a much misunderstood colour when it comes to the home; wrongly assumed to be cold, gloomy and depressing. But despite being the darkest hue in the spectrum, it can often add what I see as a dramatic form of lightness to an interior design. It’s because it so precisely defines any area that it’s applied to, and by default, thus draws attention to any areas of contrast around it.


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