Summit Speakers: Unique Legacy in Craftsmanship with Ana Vasconcelos

From the 26th to 27th of June, Pavilhão Multiusos de Gondomar, Porto will hold one of the most expected events regarding the luxury industry debating topics of the future of Luxury Design and Craftsmanship world. Today we present you the speaker Ana Vasconcelos a power women in Portugal that understands the importance of Craftsmanship to create quality!


Ana Vasconcelos defines herself as a woman who leads transformations. She began by playing a more active role in the company Belcinto in 1975, the year after the death of his father, the founder. In the course of her first steps as an integral part of Belcinto, she entered the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto, where she studied Philosophy. In order to complement her academic training, she went through all departments of the company, which allowed her to develop a more detailed vision of the various sectors of the company, as well as the changes necessary for its growth.

She is also part of “Rede Mulher Líder”, a project that challenged a group of women in the top management of high-performance companies to participate in the construction of a space of trust, for knowledge sharing and innovation demand from the leaders of the member companies. Renowned businesswoman loves to read and is interested in acquiring knowledge in the most diverse subjects.

“Even now, our passion is continuous in the production of leather goods, characterized by its unique legacy in craftsmanship and incomparable quality.”

Belcinto began in 1961 in São João da Madeira, a city located in the north of Portugal, recognized for generations given its art in the creation of leather goods. The birth of Belcinto is marked by the manual production of leather belts. As our growth became evident, their production expanded to backpacks, man’s travel bags, wallets and women’s purses.

Keep with us to find out, who are the next speakers, the masters and techniques that builds unique design, and a lot more of what is going to happen in the 2nd edition  of the Luxury Design & Craftsmanship summit. So if you want to keep up to date with everything follow us at Covet Group, our News Page and our social media on FacebookLinkedinInstagram and Pinterest!

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