What to Expect: Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit 2019

The Luxury Design and Craftsmanship Summit starts tomorrow and Covet Group has prepared an unique experience to elevate Design and Craftsmanship in the 2nd edition of the Summit, bringing together creative minds, designers, artisans, and brands, to discuss what is next in the luxury field. Taking place in Porto in the next two days, during the 26th and 27th of June, the event will present an outstanding line-up of keynote speakers to provide a lively debate and informed conversation to explore the increasingly crucial nexus between design and luxury to inject a new verve into the craftsmanship world. So here are the details not to miss this celebration!

June 26

In the First day you can expect amazing Workshops in the beginning of the day where you can learn more of the craftsmanship techniques that creates luxury.  In the afternoon an amazing opening ceremony will start the summit with a statement by Amândio Pereira, Founder & CEO Covet Group, Marco Martins, Mayor of Gondomar joined by the Makers Award Ceremony.

The day will go on with two panels where brilliant minds will discuss amazing topics. The first panel will discuss the Dialogue Between Designs and Artisanal Excellence with Nicole Segundo the Project Coordination for Michelangelo Foundation in Portugal as Moderator. and the panel will be composed by Christian Haas, Designer at Christian Haas Studio, Emmanuel Babled, Designer at Babled Studio, Fundação Ricardo Espírito Santo Silva (FRESS).

The second panel will debate the Present and Future of Craftsmanship with the Journalist Marina de Almeida from Diário de Notícias web magazine Ócio as Moderator and the panel will be composed by João Barros, CEO and Creative Director at Pullcast, Rui Pinto, Master Jewelry Artisan at Pullcast, Conceição Amaral, CEO of Fundação Ricardo Espírito Santo Silva (FRESS) and Institut National des Métiers D’Art (INMA).

June 27

In the Second day there will be a lot more of Craftsmanship in the Live showcases where master artisans will present their crafts and techniques in a unique display during the summit between panels.

With two more amazing panels in the second day the first a discussion will be the Marketing of Excellence: Winning High-end consumers through Finest Craftsmanship with Maria José Martins, Editorial Director of Imagens de Marca as Moderator and discussed by Miguel Costa, General Manager Bentley + Lamborghini, Rita Sambado, Purpose(ful) Marketeer and Founder of EUS School of Being, Ricardo Conceição, General Director, L’Atelier des Creáteurs and Ana Maria Vasconcelos, General Manager at Belcinto and Vice President of APICCAPS.

The second and last panel of the summit will debate, Designing & Crafting: The Touchstone for Distinction with Fernando Caetano,  Director of Open Media and Editor of Essential Magazines as Moderator, and discussed by the panel composed by Nini Andrade Silva, Interior Designer, Emmanuel BabledRaquel Costa, Strategy Development Europe at Swarovski, Khaoula Ouerfelli, International Manager at Assouline,  Duarte Eira, Chef at Salpoente. After this panel the Luxury Design & Craftsmanship summit will end in a beautifull closing ceremony.

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