Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit: Highlights of Day 1

Finally the Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit is here and the first day was a remarkable experience full of everything you could see and more. Taking place in Porto the Summit is bringing us the best from the design and craftsmanship world. Today we give you the best highlights of the first day of this amazing event!

After the opening ceremony came the time to pay tribute to master artisans with the Masters of Excellency awards. A total of 10 craftsmen (and women) received an award each. The Mayor of Gondomar Marco Martins followed up with a speech in which he highlighted the work of Covet Group, while at the same time congratulating the artisans for all their hard work, congratulating them for “resisting when the market went through hard times”.

This first day of the event then proceeded with the intervention of Nicole Segundo, current Network Developer for Portugal at Michelangelo Foundation. She introduced the audience to the history and main purposes of the Michelangelo Foundation, which are mainly centred around promoting, preserving and perpetuating the classical arts and crafts in order to ensure that the future generations take that mantle and preserve these complex traditions. This company is also responsible for the organization of two international events dedicated to traditional arts and crafts: Homo Faber and Doppia Firma (which has represented designers such as Emmanuel Babled, Christian Haas and Sam Baron).

After that came the first panel discussion which was focused on the Dialogue between  Design and Artisanal Excellence. Nicole Segundo was the moderator of this initiative, which had the intervention of two good examples of designers who made a living and career in Portugal: Christian Haas (a German designer who’s been living and making a sold career in Oporto for years), and Emmanuel Babled (a French Designer who works in Babled Design studio, located in Lisbon).

Joining them was artisan Miguel Duarte from FRESS (Fundação Espírito Santo) in a dialogue in which all three of them expressed the importance of traditional arts and crafts from each personal perspective. Despite their different backgrounds, all three speakers agreed that Portuguese craftsmanship is rich in history and culture being art that should definitely be preserved.

Lastly, a panel about the “Present and Future of Craftsmanship”, with artisans Rui Pinto and Vítor Querido, Joaquim Barros representing Covet Foundation’s Creative Culture Hub, PullCast’s CEO João Barros and FRESS’s CEO Conceição Amaral, moderated by journalist Marina de Almeida.

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