When Design Meets Luxury!

For a while here at Covet Group we have been discussing the future of Luxury Design by recognising the value of Craftsmanship and craftsman in building unique pieces using techniques that makes perfection. So today let’s talk about when design meets luxury or in other words when design meets skilled craftsmanship!

Design is everywhere. That’s is one of the values Covet Group stands for and, in fact, if you look around you, design is part of our daily life. Basic solutions for everyday problems were arranged thru design.

A closer look and you will see that design fits also perfectly in the luxury industry. As a result, luxury brands are recognized for their ultimate ideas and designs. Whenever comes to fashion, interior design or any other field, design is always there, supporting but in the luxury industry it also recognized the authenticity and exclusiveness as main factors so craftsmanship comes along. The most recognized brands make that kind of statement in a new and refreshing way.

Craftsmanship is now exposed and luxury brands want to elevate craftsmanship to a non-common level that is only accessible to the ones that are able to pay the expertise needed to make this unique design come to life. As a result, foundations, associations and many other entities are coming to life to help elevate craftsmanship as a master tool for the luxury and creative industry.

Craftsmanship creates luxury by using talents to create unique pieces by hand in a pursuit of making exquisite handcrafted work that stands for pure dedication, meticulously daily effort and years of growing experience. And with all these pieces not only are unique but with the luxury value of something made with dedication and perfection.

Bathroom Trends by Maison Valentina
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