MoodBoard Inspirations: Earth Tones Biophilia

MoodBoard Inspirations: Earth Tones Biophilia – In the series of the MoodBoard Inspirations, we celebrate design with the next styles that are making trend trough the year. Today a special MoodBoard comes to our attention, with the strength of nature and its colors, this MoodBoard is the Earth Tones Biophilia the perfect color trend for you if you love nature and relaxing ambiances.

This trend is mainly about colors that appear in nature, such as soft greens and browns or even taupe. Earthy tones are now becoming a popular choice of color for interiors. This design trend is a clear revolution in. Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, Biophilia trend creates a whole new concept, based on spaces that benefit the people who are operating within the built environment. It is, at its core, an architectural framework inspired by the natural world that weaves the organic patterns and forms of nature into the built environment, strengthening the human-nature connection that everyone yearns for.

Bonsai Dining Table

Boca do Lobo strikes again with an imposing piece, that suits perfectly in a classic but also contemporary interior design. Bold, with power, simplicity and a high gloss varnish finish on his structure, Bonsai Dining Table is a clear promise of success. Extreme simplicity, contemporary aesthetic and seductive power: these are the characteristics reflected in each detail that make the Bonsai love at first sight. Relating to Boca do Lobo’s approach to re-adapting traditional furniture styles, and inseparably combined with innovative processes, the Bonsai Dining table boasts bold lines and character in a fantastic blend of styles and material finishes.

Metamorphosis Center Table

Bringing the nature feeling to a new level the Metamorphosis Center Table is similar to the dramatic transformation and the sudden change in the animal’s body structure. The center table is composed by two fragments, finished in mirror and noble marble and beautified by the presence of golden creatures that are prepared for their ultimate metamorphosis.

Reptilus Rug

Actually, beauty is an extreme quality of Reptilus Rug, from Rug`Society. The cream, green and white colours, representing the typical forest tones, dominate this wonderful rug. Made in natural wool and botanical silk, Reptilus has a geometric and well-defined pattern, together with a fluffy texture, which will create a cosy and colourful atmosphere in a living room. A cosy and vibrant piece for a refreshing ambience.

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