Top Design Events Happening In August

Top Design Events Happening In August –August is almost upon us and with it comes some unique design events. All trough the world everyone will have some opportunity to do that celebration in the most impressive ways. Today here at Covet Group we have a selection for you with the best design events to come this month keep on reading and find out more!


DW! Design Weekend

The city of São Paulo will host from 18 to 25 of August the Design Weekend – a week full of Design at the biggest city of Brazil in an urban festival with a goal to promote design culture and it’s connections with architecture, art, deco, urbanism, social inclusion, business, and technological advancements

With several events that are independent, simultaneous and integrated the DW! is a promise of celebrating design!


Summer Design Week + FORMEX

In the other hemisphere of the globe the best two design weeks of the year are Summer Design Week and Stockholm Design Week. Together with Formex in August and Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair in February, the events are a meeting place for buyers, architects, designers, press and influencers from all over the world. During this time, the city of Stockholm is buzzing with design events, openings, seminars, dinner parties and cocktails. Stockholm becomes the perfect place for everyone connected to, or interested in, design to meet and thrive, discover new impulses, broaden their network and get inspired.

The summer Design Week together with Formex, the leading Nordic interior design arena, will present inspiring events and exhibitions promoting design. A week that engage design-interested people living in, and visiting, Stockholm. The city of Stockholm will be buzzing with design events, openings, seminars, dinner parties and cocktails. Summer Design Week is a great meeting place for us who love design.

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