Arts and Makers of the Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Part I

Arts and Makers of the Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Part I – Craftsmanship is the art of transforming raw materials into unique pieces with the dedication and expertise of a master. Today we give the Arts and Makers of the Luxury Design & Craftsmanship and their take on their art and the importance of celebrating Design made with Craftsmanship in this series of videos brought to you by the highlights of the beautiful event that was the LDCSummit!

Bianca Mendes Master of Filigree

Filigree is a craft technique with a very characteristic decorative grammar. The design of the piece is made by a base of support, called structure, where each space is later filled with arabesques and windings, with the use of two twisted and laminated threads. All these small elements contribute to the solidity of the piece and take part in the final aesthetics.


Woodwork Craft – Master Cosme Ferreira

One of the oldest arts of humankind, the art of making sculpturing ornaments in a wooden object creates undeniable beauty forms and shapes. From its natural look and textures, to highly polished and colored versions, wood has always been easily accessible and relatively easy to manipulate, attracting the interest of artists and designers over the years. Adding details to a piece can be performed thru different wood carving styles and techniques, such as pattern, blocking, detailing, surfacing, or smoothening. Although the wood carving technique is one of most widely practiced, it survives much less than other main materials like stone carvings or bronze, changing thru time if left long periods of time without care.


Conservation and Restoration Art – Olga Santa Bárbara Master

Santa Bárbara are workshops, established, in 1999, in Matosinhos, to support the Conservation and Restoration of Art’s in the Northern Region of Portugal. It is an especially rigorous institution, which trains experts and talented master artisans, dedicated to the art of hand painting and restoration.

Tile Painting Art – Amilcar Ferreira

One of the most representative art forms of the Portuguese cultural heritage. The renowned blue hand painted tiles reflect a tradition used for hundreds of years. Azulejo is usually a clay or ceramic plate piece, generally with a square shape decorated with glazed colorful designs, and repeated hundreds to a few thousand times.


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