Unique Mid-Century Design at 100% London 2019

Unique Mid-Century Design at 100% London 2019 – Mid-Century design is coming today as 100% Design open it’s doors the Covet Group Brands, Essential Home and Delightfull are showcasing at stand C3A the best of the mid-century modern pieces in a curated ambiance that will amaze you!

100% Design is back, from 18th to 21st of September at Olympia London, Stand C3A, to witness the best design has to offer! Essential Home and Delightfull are ready to surprise you and astound you with mid-century design with a modern twist like you’ve never seen before.

It’s an exciting time for all design lovers as another edition of 100% Design comes, and this year, you should be ready to travel around Europe with us as we showcase new and creative ideas and bring the best of design to the spotlight.

Essential Home and Delightfull are Presenting some of the mid-century brands classics, this year 100% Design is all about getting into what it has best. Besides taking the classic best sellers to the United Kingdom, They will show some new pieces, including Carter table lamp, a fresh novelty that will be presented for the first time at this trade show.


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