Get to Know Covet Valencia the New Design Showroom by Covet House

As we say here at Covet Group design is everywhere and we love to celebrate design in the best way possible all around the world, and today we have a special treat for you, one more time Covet House is making this world wide celebration a reality with a new outstanding showroom, opened in the city of Arts and Sciences today we get to know Covet Valencia!

Covet Valencia is a 200 m2 baroque style building converted into a showroom which features a curated selection of furniturelighting and accessories from Covet Groups‘s brands. At Covet Valencia you can not only test a market-oriented selection of products but also find all the tools needed to create the most unique projects. Come with us and we’ll show you why you must visit this curated design gem!

The showroom is located right in the heart of the Spanish city, in the first floor of the Palace of the Marquises of Caro and next to the Hotel Inglés, in the prestigious Milla de Oro – the street where the most luxurious brands can be found, from Louis Vuitton to Salvatore FerragamoMid-century style is king inside this new showroom but you will also find modern classic elements and contemporary details.

Focused mostly on a mid-century style, this luxury design showroom pays full respect to the overall aesthetics through the use of pastel colors and hues, both on bespoke furnishings and upholstery pieces with a contemporary design.

For the creation of Covet ValenciaCovet House handpicked a selection of modern furniture pieces by Covet Group Brands, to provide a composed aesthetic and overall complete look. Being the perfect balance between both retro and contemporary aesthetic, Covet Valencia has the groovy and special vibe to it.  At this luxury design showroom, you can get amazed by a stunning selection of products, get involved by modern interior design, but also find creative pieces with a unique design.

Aesthetically surprising and visually unsettling, Covet Valencia gathers unexpected pieces that make the overall atmosphere so distinctive and magical. From the wallpapers to the rugs and from the decor to the artworks, Covet Valencia is bound to be an emotional adventure from start to finish. The bedroom is cheerfull all over, the living room feels as welcoming as it gets and the dining room will certainly marvel you in matchless ways.

Every day we celebrate design and craftsmanship so if you want to keep up to date with our world of design stay with us for more at Covet Group, our News Page and you can follow us also on FacebookLinkedinInstagram and Pinterest!

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