Craftsmanship Techniques: The Comfort of Craftsmanship Furniture

Craftsmanship Techniques: The Comfort of Craftsmanship Furniture – Here at Covet Group we always elevate Craftsmanship and design, and the different kinds of techniques that transforms unique design. And with that in mind, today we talk about one technique that not only makes furniture design beautiful but brings the utility of comfort with that beauty. The technique is the upholstery!

So what is Upholstery? Upholstery is the materials used to build and finish a furniture including fabric, padding, webbing, and springs making the soft coverings of chairs, sofas, and other pieces.

This technique originated in the Middle Ages and grew in popularity during the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Over the years, a wide variety of materials have been used, from hay to horsehair to wool, but today modern upholstered pieces use metal springs and foam for greater durability and although it is not seen the quality of these material is important for the comfort of the piece.

The fabric used on the outside is what brings the design beauty for the final product but it must also have the quality to make a long lasting pieces maintaining all the comfort in which this technique is all about.

Luxury with upholstery is brought in Covet Group with the quality and attention of our artisans and craftsmen that merges traditional craftsmanship techniques with up-to-date technology producing  lovingly handcrafted pieces.

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We have techniques that translate the next evolution in craftsmanship, and Upholstery is just one of this craftsmanship techniques that builds unique design, stay with us for more at Covet Group, our News Page and you can follow us also on FacebookLinkedinInstagram and Pinterest!


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