About Rug’Society Luxury Portuguese Tapestry

Rug’Society is an exquisite Portuguese brand of Rugs and covering solutions
that mainly aims to transform rugs into pieces of art. Rug’Society appears with a
strong connotation to the eclectic style, a brand that transmits emotions, and that is
our starting point for every different design that we conceive to stimulate and develop
new trends.
It’s time to be masters in tapestry and, for that, Rug’Society presents us with a bold
and contemporary design, always thinking in the future, and giving its products
uniqueness, exclusiveness and luxury design.


Grand botanical entryway by Rug'Society

One of Rug’Society‘s main principles lies within its artistic vision. With the designers looking to create what is different and iconic, we can see a great example of this with this entryway featuring the daring Snake 8 Rug. The rug is an homage to the snake’s historical significance in the culture and religion of antiquities.

Earthly and luxurious hall by Rug'Society

Rug’Society has always had the goal of creating ‘rugs with character’, just like the Simba Rug, featured here in this earthly and luxurious hallway. The rug is exclusive and irreverent due to its unusual combination of different patterns, which works in creating a piece that is memorable and distinctive from any other rug.

Soft living room by Rug'Society

The importance of a rug to an ambience is often overlooked, but in this living room it is clear that the Isaac Rug from Rug’Society completes this great space. Another bold choice of colour and pattern combinations, the rug is an absolute triumph.

Grey geometric entryway by Rug'Society

This geometric entryway wouldn’t be complete without these outstanding rugs from Rug’Society. The Joh Rug and the Xisto Rug combine well as abstract pieces with a variety of colours and patterns, once again showing the high quality tapestry of the brand.

Modish closet by Rug'Society

This modish, luxurious bedroom closet would not be complete without the eye-catching, neutral-coloured Oscar Rug. This rug perhaps best shows that Rug’Society is a brand that looks to be innovative all the time.

With such an extensive range of high quality rugs in all kinds of different styles, Rug’Society is without doubt the place to go for a rug. We can expect more amazing pieces in the near future, so be sure to have your eyes peeled for Rug’Society!

Take a look at all of Rug’Society’s products, on their website!

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