The wonders of craftsmanship are very much present in the essence and core of our brands and their furniture designs. Because they’re such a big part of our history and our legacy, we decided to open the doors of its knowledge, one technique at a time, starting with the bases. Today, we want to represent Wood Carving: The Wonders of Craftmanship.

Wood carving


Wood Carving is one of the oldest arts in Human History. It exists since the first men in prehistory, and it is considered the fundamental woodwork method. Wood carving is mostly used for many years of furniture design, buildings, places of worship, household daily items, outstanding sculptures and a lot of more different elements in our lives. Now the wood is one of the most popular and only renewable building materials available.

Wood carvingWood is a naturally grown material and removes CO2 from the atmosphere.


One of the biggest problems of woodwork is survival. Unlike stone, bronze or metals – wood is very gentle material.  It needs professional and hardworking care to make it timeless art. It is a living material, which is easy to damage with fire, vulnerable to decay, or insect damage. That’s why wood furniture is so precious and unique. The ancient wooden sculptures that lasted until our days are true treasures to Art History.

In this journey from the past towards new cultural progress, we are committed to promoting creativity and innovation, to respecting traditions and safeguarding the heritage.


Wood carving is a detailed work that involves a lot of passion. It starts by using large cutting tools and ends with small blades. Usually, woodworkers are using a cutting tool in one hand, a chisel with both hands or a chisel with one hand and a mallet with the other.

Wood carvingSome of the tools used in the wood caring process.

A talented master woodcarver needs to be able to adapt several different techniques and skills that take years of trial and error, practice and dedication to learn. This ancient art is always learned with the experienced master artisans that pass their precious know-how to the young generations.

Wood carvingEach tree is unique: woodcarver needs to chip according to the fibrous structure of the wood as it is affected by its growth.



Wood is an irreplaceable material that allows wood artisans to express their thoughts and imagination like no other. Wood carving specialists need to have a deep connection and knowledge about wood to be able to bring to life the best possible art pieces using it. Many of our design brands are creating iconic wood carving pieces that look good with any interior.


Huang Cabinet BrabbuHuang Cabinet Brabbu

Huang is a mountain range in eastern China known for its spectacular scenery. Inspired by this magnificence, Brabbu designers created HUANG Cabinet. It features an outside in walnut root veneer, an inside in rosewood veneer and details in matte hammered brushed aged brass. This wood cabinet brings instant character to modern interior design.


Soho sideboard Boca do LoboSoho sideboard Boca do Lobo

The attitude and irreverence reflected by this piece made it an icon, never unnoticed in any part of the world. Drawers that count different and varied techniques from glass to wood carving, lacquer color to mirror and gold leaf compose this contemporary sideboard, finely refined by brass handles. Boca do Lobo’s modern Soho sideboard is an exquisite work of art and one of our best sellers.


Curtis sofa Essential HomeCurtis sofa Essential Home

The mid-century interior style was always closely related to wood carving elements. Curtis sofa is by Essential Home with a long wooden bench produced in dark walnut. It has a single back cushion, upholstered with tufted leather, as well as two arms that can be used as side tables. It also features a round tapered leg with polished brass feet that create a contrast with its dark tones.

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