The Secrets From Portugal By CovetED Magazine

The Secrets From Portugal By CovetED Magazine – Recently, CovetED Magazine launched the First Issue of  Secrets from Portugal, the first edition of the Secrets Collection, a special edition collection of CovetEd Magazine that’s made out to be a complete and collectible guide about the hidden treasures of each country.

The objective of the Secrets Collection is to be a reference and an inspiring issue to readers by showing that this country is all about people and, above all, how to celebrate design and elevate craftsmanship and all the good things of life to the highest level.

The first edition of this Collection is this amazing issue of Secrets from Portugal! Like the name suggests, you’ll find out all the well best-kept secrets from Portugal inside this top magazine as that focus a variety of categories such as design, luxury, craftsmanship, restaurants, hotels, gastronomy, wines, architecture and the finest places where you can fall in love over and over again.


Portugal is not just beaches and sun, history and music concerts. It’s, above all, a unique experience you must not miss. So what are you waiting for?

From quiet villages to luxury hotels and amazing hot springs, from amazing restaurants with some elegant food to world-renowned popular wines, Portugal has a lot of secrets that are waiting to be discovered by you!

So, here’s your favorite guide to discover this lovely country and be completely amazed by it. So come and enjoy the best time of your life with the ones you love and the perfect atmosphere and let Secrets From Portugal be your wonder tour guide for your next visit to Portugal!

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