CULTURE The Heritage Influence for Thinkers and Makers

CULTURE is something that defines our daily lives, it determines how we relate to our peers, our family and our world in general. And CULTURE is something we acquire trough our history, for what we are taught, and we will pass it on for the next generations. With that purpose in mind, and Covet Group goal of celebrating and honoring craftsmanship, the Covet Foundation started a new project.

The project is “CULTURE”  a creative Hub  that will be responsible for innovative design pieces, resulting in pioneering handcrafted creations. This project purpose is to discover the past and the ancient arts utilized, and with that design the present and create a future assembling different generations to perpetuate the Portuguese heritage.

CULTURE hosts residences, workshops, seminars, exhibitions by integrating knowledges and doings in a space of discussion, acquisition and production of said knowledge. Besides artistic creation and design with the objective of creating an awareness of the identity based on the crossing of knowledge, ideas and instincts and the material and immaterial heritage of legacy.

For more about this project read also: The Pioneering Handcrafted Creations at CULTURE Creative Hub

This project is taking place in the new Covet Town, a Design & Craftsmanship city. An enormous project of Covet Group that is planned to welcome about 2500 people and promise to be a creative centre for design lovers. Covet Town will combine different creative working spaces, from design studios and prototyping and production ateliers, museum, marketing players, and editorial teams.


With Covet Foundation, we are enhancing our reach in making hand-made design and craftsmanship a reference in exclusive design that will bring heritage and the beauty of elaborated pieces in to the world, something that Covet Group does every day with our brands and will continue to do so with CULTURE.



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