Studiopepe is ready to take over iSaloni with a mid-century collection that will stun!
Being one of the most important tradeshows in the design world, the preparations for
the grand Salone Del Mobile Milano 2020 have already started! All of the most
renowned luxury brands have started to produce their incredible new collections and are idealising the best way to showcase them at the international tradeshow.

Studiopepe founders, Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara di Pinto

Studiopepe, the Italian design studio founded in 2006 by passionate interior designers, Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara di Pinto has promised to surprise everyone with unique collection that they will be showcasing at Salone Del Mobile Milano 2020, that will shake up the design world. It will be a reminder of the beauty that is mid-century modern design. In collaboration with luxurious mid-century modern design brand, Essential Home, there’s no excuse not to be excited to see what will be showcased. Two outstanding brands working on the same page to bring you a symphony of incredible mid-century modern design. What makes both of these brands so special is that every piece comes with a special backstory.

Studiopepe has created its most amazing collection yet

Having being left inspired and challenged by Essential Home‘s unique designs, Studiopepe accepted the challenge to showcase its most memorable collection yet at Salone del Mobile Milano 2020. Using a variety of unique materials, Studiopepe was looking to highlight the amazing craftsmanship that made them fall in love with Portuguese design, especially brands like Essential Home.

Studiopepe designers preparing for iSaloni 2020

Led by such keen enthusiasts in vintage styles and cultures, the work of Studiopepe always reflects this, with the classic designs that have amazing modern twists.

Perhaps the biggest challenged that they faced in this project was designing pieces that weren’t just mid-century design. They had to draw inspiration from the classical style and add a modern twist to make this collection as stunning as it is.

Studiopepe design

We are so excited about Studiopepe’s thrilling mid-century collection with Essential Home at Salone del Mobile Milano 2020, so make sure not to miss it at this summer’s edition of the legendary event!


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