Once Upon A Time – Unique Design in the Perfect Partnership

At Covet Group, our brands show astonishing works every day with the most powerful designs made with craftsmanship by masters artisans. We present the new Limited edition piece by Boca do Lobo in partnership with Vista Alegre, two of the most prestigious and outstanding Portuguese luxury brands, that is a testimony to Portuguese craftsmanship that elevates high-end luxury design.

Boca do Lobo is one of Covet Group’s luxury brands that conquers global recognition through passionate and inspiring pieces and Vista Alegre is a worldwide recognized brand for its wonderful pieces of porcelain with more than just a simple factory, Vista Alegre is nowadays an architectonic masterpiece, where social and artistic memories reflect a national identity.

The Pixel Cabinet, Once upon a Time is the new design concepta Limited Edition of 8 pieces, born from his partnership between Vista Alegre and Boca do Lobo, and was  named by ADChoice as one of the 500 best pieces of furniture in the world.

 Once upon a Time is an authentic work of art in which all the 1088 triangles that complete this piece are individually painted, and tell a story that blossoms harmoniously with colorful floral details. In Its interior is made with the elegant finishes in blue suede and mirrored glasses that distinguishes it with a romantic and lyrical charisma.

This new design also features a slight change in the base, of the already known Pixel Cabinet, by incorporating a new material, the brushed steel.

Cabinets Boca do Lobo

The two brands have become notorious on a global scale, and for that reason Vista Alegre and Boca do Lobo continue betting on expansion strategies, both for markets and public. This time, they got together to celebrate an ambitious, unique and exclusive partnership


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