Covet Foundation in European Artistic Crafts Days 2019

Covet Foundation in European Artistic Crafts Days 2019 – At Covet Group our mission is to elevate design and craftsmanship. Covet Foundation was born with the goal to bring this mission to life, and with that in mind next week Covet Foundation will be a part of the European Artistic Crafts Days 2019 collaborating with INMA, to treasure the master artisans and the tradition of Craftsmanship trough Europe.

During European Artistic Craft Days 2019, a Europe-wide event, coordinated by France’s Institut National des Métiers d’Art, visitors will be able to discover the heritage of different countries by visiting places that are usually closed to the general public, and meet the craft professionals who are generally working out of sight behind castle ramparts, the walls of historical monuments, the curtains of the most famous theatres and operas, and within museums. Visitors entering these workshops will be able to discover the fascinating work of cabinetmakersceramicistsjewelers, leather dressers, gilders, blacksmiths, and so on.

Showing visitors a new path to follow, the European Artistic Crafts Days provides an excellent opportunity to meet the exceptional men and women who maintain the rich cultural heritage of several European countries.

Covet Foundation is a tribute to master artisans and the finest craftsmanship, we always try to discover the most groundbreaking ways of marrying ancient arts and contemporary design.

To honor this mission, Covet Foundation will organize Workshops to celebrate the European Artistic Craft Days in which talented artisans working with Covet Group, and some invited external craftsmen, will showcase and explain their precious techniques to the general audience.

With a goal to bring art enthusiasts closer to the makers whose hands create breathtaking masterpieces. The Workshops will happen from 2pm to 6pm between the 1st and the 7th day of April and everyone is welcomed and free to join, since it won’t require prior registration.

Covet Town, in Gondomar, Oporto, is where the adventure will begin. If you are curious about the ancient and traditional Portuguese arts of marquetry, painting, wood carving, jewellery making, metal chiseling and embroidery, this is your chance to learn more and, perhaps, discover a new passion.

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