A Celebration of Craftsmanship With The ARTsTOOL Collection

 A Celebration of Craftsmanship With The ARTsTOOL Collection – You have already seen the beauties of what craftsmanship can create here at Covet Group, and today we present you with one that not only is a feast for the eyes but is one of the most astonishing projects we have seen. Transforming a simple piece of household furniture into unique piece of art the ARTsTOOL Collection created by the Project Culture is surely the best celebration of design and craftsmanship.

Present at the Salone del Mobile.Milano in this year’s Milan Design Week, These contemporary design stools are unique pieces carefully delineated to support several different crafting techniques and challenge the traditional  concepts of the Crafstsmanship.

Some of the exclusive and limited-edition art pieces to come out from Culture’s workshops were the hand painted stools in oil or acrylic paint. Manually painted and applied in the original Carved and Erosin from Boca do Lobo collection, the paints appears over the hard skill artists’ who dedicated all their lifes to create art objects. Designers, fine artists, architects and restoration artisans were involved to create using differents techniques and effects this collectible ARTsTOOL masterpieces.

Hand painted art stools were conceived by the Culture for Arts & Crafts, a project supported by Covet Foundation where artisans, plastic artists, and designers keep alive the spirit of experimentation by challenging manufacturing skills of finest Craftsmanship to create the artpieces of excellence.

ArtsTool is Project CULTURE’s first Limited Edition Series which gives makers the opportunity to integrate galleries and private rooms, along with careful promotion, offering a career-defining opening.


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