Craftsmanship Techniques: Luxury design with Hand Painted Finishes

Craftsmanship Techniques: Luxury design with Hand Painted Finishes – Recently here at Covet Group we have taken attention to the beautiful homage for craftsmanship and design that is the ARTsTOOL Collection from Project culture, and with that in mind today we will find out more of one of the most impressive craftsmanship techniques present in this project that transforms high-end design.

One of the most impressive details about the ARTsTOOL, it’s the versatility from each stool brought to life by the project by different artisans using each one an exclusive technique into their piece.

Manually painted and applied, the paints appears over the hard skill artists’ who dedicated all their lifes to create art objects. Designers, fine artists, architects and restoration artisans were involved to create using differents techniques and effects this collectible ARTsTOOL masterpieces.

To enhance the rich legacy of Arts & Crafts, the hand painted stools were inspired by natural elements which re-edit the ancestral technique restoration with oil painting, the portuguesese Manueline style in the portuguese renascence periodthe faux marble ancient technique and geometriacal contemporary elements in a present-day design objets.

Floralis a soulful stool which evokes Portuguese Romanticism traditions thanks to its gentle flowers delineated with oil paint over a black background. Proposed to Santa Bárbara’s atelier, renowned in Portugal due to its high quality and detail in painting applied to restoration, this art stool is the perfect mariage with perfectly ancient painting technique with contemporary design.


Covet Group has techniques that translate the next evolution in craftsmanship, and hand painted finishes is just one of this craftsmanship techniques that builds unique design, if you want to know more about our projects check here, or keep in touch with our news  for more of our world of craftsmanship and design.

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