Boca do Lobo In London Craft Week 2019

Boca do Lobo In London Craft Week 2019 – Here at Covet Group we have learned that May is the month full of events that will be a celebration of design. And the London Craft Week is one of this events in particular that not only celebrates the beauty of design but also is meant to honour the fine art of craftsmanship. The design brand Boca do lobo will be there to be a part of that celebration!

London Craft Week returns for its fifth edition from 8-12 May 2019. Celebrating outstanding British and international creativity, this year the exclusive event brings together over 240 established and emerging makers, designers, brands and galleries from around the world.

Boca do Lobo is a design brand, recognized worldwide by combining traditional craftsmanship techniques with contemporary design, so the Portuguese Embassy in London is celebrating the brand’s history by highlighting one of its most iconic pieces, the Once Upon a Time Pixel Cabinet.

Brought to life from the merging of the iconic Pixel cabinet by Boca do Lobo and the delicate hand painted porcelain by the renowned Vista Alegre, the exquisite bar cabinet Limited Edition truly seems to come from a dream or a fairytale.

This exclusive event during London Craft Week will also feature other iconic Boca do Lobo‘s pieces, such as the Equator Globe Bar, the Emporium Chair, and the Nº11 Dining Chair. The exhibition of luxury design will take place since the 8th to the 10th of May, and of the 9th there will be a drinks reception, demonstration and open house, where master artisans will demonstrate their craft during a cocktail reception.


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