Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit Live Showcases

The Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit is coming and this year we are going to have some of the most impressive showcases of live craftsmanship work. Where Master artisans will demonstrate their crafts and how they make unique design luxury! Today here at Covet Group we have for you some of this amazing techniques that will be in this Second edition of the LDCSummit!

Metal Casting

The art of casting metals into a chosen shape and size. The process starts by melting metal into a liquid, pouring it in a mold with a cavity of the desired shape, and removing the material, or casting, after the final work gets cool and then solidified. The solidified part can be ejected or even broken out of the mold. This technique is one of the most used for making intricate forms that would be difficult to have from other methods.

Wood Carving

From its natural look and textures, to highly polished and colored versions, wood has always been easily accessible and relatively easy to manipulate, attracting the interest of artists and designers over the years. Adding details to a piece can be performed thru different wood carving styles and techniques, such as pattern, blocking, detailing, surfacing, or smoothening.


One of the most representative art forms of the Portuguese cultural heritage. The renowned blue hand painted tiles reflect a tradition used for hundreds of years. Azulejo is usually a clay or ceramic plate piece, generally with a square shape decorated with glazed colorful designs, and repeated hundreds to a few thousand times.

It is used as wall covering decoration, being linked to architectural use, covering a large surface areas on both the inside and outside of buildings. The majority of tiles illustrates Moorish designs which have curvilinear, lace like and looping designs, or even have geometric or floral motifs.


Keep with us to find out, who are the next speakers, the masters and techniques that builds unique design, and a lot more of what is going to happen in the 2nd edition  of the Luxury Design & Craftsmanship summit. So if you want to keep up to date with everything follow us at Covet Group, our News Page and our social media on FacebookLinkedinInstagram and Pinterest!

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