Unique Inspiring Dining Rooms By Boca do Lobo

Unique Inspiring Dining Rooms By Boca do Lobo – One more day and more inspiration here at Covet Group. Every room in a house can be Unique and today we are presenting you with some inspiring Dining Room settings by Boca do Lobo in order to help you plan a whole new luxury scenario for you home.

This natural scenario successfully mixes in a series of natural elements with a couple of small golden details (most notably the chandelier. The aura of the decoration has a slight natural touch added in by the presence of the Bonsai table, manually produced from wood and with a remarkable faceted form that makes it geometrically interesting.

Our second example presents us with a more classy scenario in which, like the previous example the golden details are still present, but this time the decor feel comes off more like a contemporary style mixed in with a touch of classical. The Royal dining table is one of the elements in this image which manages to glamorize the dinner setting thanks to its unique hand-carved details made by a team of highly-skilled artisans.

The next example is a perfect combo of white, black and golden details reflected upon several furniture pieces as well as a couple of details regarding the room’s composition. At the Heritage dining table, with a basis heavily inspired by the concept behind Portuguese tile, you can enjoy your meal while feeling inspired by the wonders that many traditional arts and crafts from different countries can accomplish when applied into luxury products.

We return to black scenarios with this elegant example of a dining room enhanced by the Newton dining table. These lovely black lacquer brass spheres, as well as the base composed by a golden texture similar to a wood texture, give the unique touch that this scenario needed in order to stand out from other luxury scenarios of black, white and gold.

Last, but definitely not least, because we can never get enough of the Gold Trend, we present you with this lovely scenario complete with a mix of classic and natural materials, as well as the lovely Fortuna dining table representing an empowered design reflected through a unique texture as well as with an incredible finish.

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