Arts and Makers of the Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Part IV

Arts and Makers of the Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Part IV – In this last post of the series of Arts and Makers we bring to you 5 impressive Master artisans and techniques that not only make unique pieces but bring that special luxury touch to the final piece. Enjoy your reading!

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Metal Puller Art – Master Artur Veloso

A conformation by which a plate disc is tightened in the centre between a mandrel integral with the winch shaft and a counter piece connected to the counterpoint, causing the assembly to rotate. Simultaneously, with a suitable tool, the sheet is deformed against the mandrel. The equipment used in this process is called lathe grinding.

Ceramic Art – Master Vitor Agostinho

Ceramics is a product characterized by the form and resulting from the cold molding of a clay inorganic matter subsequently hardened by heat. They become by action of water and human hands in moldable plastic pastes, which solidified by drying and hardening by baking. The methods of manipulation and cooking vary from different ceramic products with uses or history with unique shapes.

Notch Art – José Cunha – CULTURE Project

An ancestral decorative art of furniture with special relief and sophistication in Indo-Portuguese style. Embedding thin wires made of multi color wood, metal, pearl, ivory on small thicknesses in wood enriches refined compositions on decorative objects or furniture

Carving Art – Master Sérgio Silva

The gems associated with jewellery seduce civilizations with their unmatched beauty and value and have fascinated mankind since antiquity. The jewellery setting technique, using the milling cutter, the burin and the iron of granites, is a systematic process that allows joining metals and gems, being intrinsically linked to the type of stoning of the stones, maintaining the harmony and the beauty of the jewels. This practice involves knowledge not only of the gems (their hardness, brightness and colouring), but also about the properties of metals.

Chiselling Art – Master Fernando Abreu

The technique of chiselling in goldsmithing, with the use of several chisels and taking advantage of the plasticity of the metal, allows, by means of the percussion obtained by the displacement of the chisel in the metal surface, gradually obtain a continuous form. It enables the creation of products with sculptural characteristics, being the only techniques in which the personal touch remains until the end of the piece.

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