Culture Editions: Design Masterpieces With ARTsTOOLS Part I

Culture Editions: Design Masterpieces With ARTsTOOLS Part I – Here in Covet Group we always say that the perfect Design always comes from hard and dedicated work. Craftsmanship is the upmost luxury, and the Creative hub by Culture Editions brings this though to reality by challenging master artisans, plastic artists and designers into working together to break the traditional concepts of the finest craftsmanship and create one of a kind and authentic art pieces.

And with that Culture Editions bring to us the ARTsTOOL Collection, with a diverse set of Design stools made with different techniques making these Stools each unique on it’s own way. So today lets discover three of the majestic Stools created by the best!


ARTISAN- Fernando Abreu ART  –  Chiseling

The InBloom is an exquisite stool made of brass in which chiseling, an ancient metalwork technique, was used to hand craft detailed and delicate flowers. Inspired by natural elements, it materializes the merging of traditional handcraft knowledge and contemporary design.

It’s Metal Flower is inspired by natural elements which transform a contemporary design piece in a tribute to the ancestral technique of chiseling. Design and Craft are both put to the test. Flowers are represented in several artistic manifestation through the ages. From natural elements, poetry blooms. Therefore, the cold metal is transformed by tenderness of the floral poem.

Ethereal Garden

ARTISAN – Salvati ART – Murano Glasswork DESIGNER – Joaquim e Marco Costa

The Flowers of Murano is a unique and exclusive stool created using the highest quality glass from the Italian Murano island. It is the reinvention of ancient techniques, such as glass blowing and glasswork, in a contemporary design, inspired by natural elements.

This piece has its own organic flow, which is raised by the naturally ethereal look of glass. The artwork is, therefore, simultaneously, present and absent, with and without a proper shape. Its floral decoration denotes a naïve purity typical of the exceptional glassworks from Murano. Flowers of Murano is a tribute to the ancestral knowledge and skill accumulated by several generations of hands dedicated to the arts and crafts which made Murano a remarkable reference in the world. Murano’s legacy, a special slice of European Culture, shall then be celebrated.

Wood Metamorphosis

ARTISAN – Júlio Leal WOOD CARVING DESIGNER – Hugo Santos ART – Wood Carving DESIGNER – Elias Marques, Sérgio Correia

Evoking the origins of mankind, Wood Metamorphosis is a wooden stool that brings back the ancestral wood carving technique to shape elements of the natural world as decorative patterns in contemporary design.


Wood Metamorphosis seeks to find the most harmonious path to transform the rough yet beautiful and authentic natural wood into the fruit, the child of human hands, full of sensibility and intelligence, which is always shape-shifting. Wood carving preserves the natural material while simultaneously concretizes the human wish for change and for aesthetical harmony.

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