Culture Editions: Design Masterpieces With ARTsTOOLS Part II

Culture Editions: Design Masterpieces With ARTsTOOLS Part II – In the second part of the Masterpieces made by the Project Culture and their amazing designers and artisans today we bring to you three more of the majestic Stools created for you to be Inspired!

Time Kaleidoscope

ART – Acrylic Painting ARTIST/DESIGNER – Hugo Santos

Time Kaleidoscope is an innovative stool which marries not only the ancient painting technique with contemporary design, but also classicism aesthetics with geometric compositions.

This piece represents the connection between the aesthetic legacy of classicism and the generally geometric composition of contemporary design. In references made to the Greco-Roman past, the stool uses patterns and figures, as well as textures that mention the passage of time and its effect on objects. The present is now looking to the past, that is the message the artist wished to further enhance by the presence of Baroque ornaments, these being deeply rooted in European visual culture.

Side Walk

ARTISAN – ROC2C ART – Portuguese Cobblestone DESIGNER – Ricardo Magalhães

Side Walk is an appealing stool and a tribute to the traditional Portuguese Cobblestone, all covered with white limestone and black basalt creating decorative patterns which enhance its contemporary design.

This object recreates the tradition of polychromatic composition in marble, transporting it to a contemporary geometric language, taking advantage of the orthogonality of the fragments which, together, make up an organic piece. We thus have a profusion of sinuous elements in the convexities and concavities of the bank, animating and decomposing the geometric root of the composition.


ARTISAN Rui/Mármores 2008 ART Marble Sculpture DESIGNER Almiro Amorim Ricardo Magalhães

Puzzle is a unique and unusual marble stool inspired by geometrical elements, sculpted by hand.  Portugal Mármores 2008 was founded thirty years ago. It started as a familiar business, but it then developed to a leading brand in the industry of ornamental stones. Currently, it is renowned for its quality and design, merging together creativity, innovation and traditional knowledge. Rui is a master artisan dedicated to the crafting techniques of marble sculpture and polishing. His meticulous work allows for custom requests by clients, from the material choice to the end result.

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