Culture Editions: Design Masterpieces With ARTsTOOLS Part III

Culture Editions: Design Masterpieces With ARTsTOOLS Part III – The unique stools from ARTsTOOL Collection are some of pioneering art pieces created in Project CULTURE’s Creative Hub. These design stools are unique pieces carefully delineated to support several different crafting techniques and challenge the traditional  concepts of the Craftsmanship. Discover three more of those pieces and enjoy some unique art!


ARTISAN – Oficina Santa-Barbara DESIGNER – Joaquim ART – Oil Painting

Floral is a soulful stool which evokes Portuguese Romanticism traditions thanks to its gentle flowers delineated with oil paint over a black background. It marries perfectly ancient painting techniques with contemporary design.

Floral reminds us of a floral painting’s tradition widespread in Portuguese Romanticism, which usually appears in porcelain work and in painting, evoking Delacroix. This legacy retains the contemplative depiction of nature, using symbolic language and contrasting the mal-de-vivre’s dark melancholy with the euphoria of sentimentality. Hope blooms, still alive in the natural elements, the multicolored flowers and the perfection of the picture.

Manuelino Dixit

PLASTIC ARTIST – Fernanda Lamelas ART – Acrylic Painting

Manuelino Dixit is a fascinating stool inspired by the Manueline style, characterized by the Discoveries. It is a remarkable piece hand painted using the trompe l’oeil technique to join the ancient art of painting with contemporary design.

Manuelino Dixit recovers the Manueline style, evoking its importance and all the symbols which suggest the return of the Discoveries’ adventure. This style is unique and intrinsically Portuguese, bringing us a new perspective of a global world, where the science’s rationality and the courage to face the horizon without limits rule. Maritime motifs are here connected to other naturalistic forms, as grapes, present in several Portuguese monuments which inspired this creation.


ARTISAN –  Mestre Dora ART – Straw Work DESIGNER – Elias Marques e Sérgio Correia

Mabela is a creative stool covered with intricate hand-crafted straw patterns which evoke ancestral times in Africa. This ancient technique is impressively modified to fit the contemporary design of the piece.

Deconstructing the Straw Work Techniques, popular among the Viennese chairs and the midcentury modern, this piece evokes the most ancient Angolan traditions in which interlaced straw covered the interiors of the people’s homes in African villages. These are unknown details present in the melancholic Portuguese memory of our African Empire, still alive in the minds of the ones who experienced the exotic African life style of the 1950s and 1960s.


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