Culture Editions: Design Masterpieces With ARTsTOOLS Part IV

Culture Editions: Design Masterpieces With ARTsTOOLS Part IV – In this last part of the Design Masterpieces with ARTsTOOLS we have a spacial selection for you, two unique stools made with the passion and dedication, using the ancient technique of Marquetry. Technique that is the expertise of the Artisan that brought those pieces to life, Vítor Querido.

The artisan of these amazing pieces Vitor Querido was born in Gondomar, Portugal, he is celebrated as an exquisite master in the Portuguese marquetry art and has been doing this work for years, and with all that knowledge he pushes the limits of his selected art, marquetry, in CULTURE’s creative hub supported by Covet Foundation.


ARTISAN – Vítor Querido ART – Marquetry

Collage’s name says it all, evoking the assembly of several styles and eras together in a single peculiar wooden stool. Using the ancient art of marquetry, the elements are placed together as different pieces of a puzzle, creating a new pattern, which is interconnected to contemporary design.

Collage was produced over two months using the ancient marquetry technique. Working, drawing and cutting wood to then apply it as a decoration form, Master Vitor, experienced in restoration, created a collage of several decorative elements of different styles and eras. The Carved design is a challenge to work using marquetry due to its concave and convex shapes. To achieve it, experimentation and constant reinvention of this ancient technique was vital, since marquetry is usually utilized in flat surfaces. Collage was created with the reinvention of symbolic elements of several artistic styles in a wood surface, cut and applied to cover on the final piece.


ARTISAN – Vítor Querido ART – Marquetry DESIGNER – Almiro Amorim

Autumn is a beautiful wooden stool which not only reminds us the importance of preserving ancient arts, like marquetry, using them in contemporary design, but also evokes the passing of time and seasons with its falling warm-colored leaves hand placed one by one.

Autumn was born from a state of mind which evokes this poem by Fernando Pessoa, the prince of Portuguese Literature:

“Quando Lídia, vier o nosso Outono
com o Inverno que há nele, reservemos
um pensamento, não para a futura
primavera, que é de outrem,
nem para o estio, de quem somos mortos,
senão para o que fica do que passa
o amarelo atual que as folhas vivem
e as torna diferentes.
Fernando Pessoa (Ricardo Reis, em “Odes)”

“When, Lydia, our autumn arrives
With the winter it harbors, let’s reserve 
A thought, not for the future spring,
Which belongs to others, 
Nor for the summer, whose deceased we are, 
But for what remains of what is passing: 
The present yellow that the leaves live
And that makes them different.”

And with that beautiful poem, from Fernando Pessoa, one of the symbols of Portuguese heritage, we finish this series of the unique ARTsTOOLS by Culture Editions, keep with us and discover what is next in these inspiring projects.

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