Elevating Portuguese Craftsmanship at Homo Faber

Homo Faber’s first edition ended in Venice in the last day of September, and it was the first major cultural exhibition that brings into the spotlight master-artisans and the importance of craftsmanship.

Boca do Lobo was present in Homo faber to elevate two of the most symbolic types of Portuguese craftsmanship, the Filigree and Azulejos. These handmade crafts are one of the most important forms of art and design in Portugal.

Filigree is one of the oldest jewelry making techniques known which is completely hand crafted, using wires of metal like gold, silver or brass to make extraordinary pieces of jewelry.

Photo by © Boca do Lobo

The Boca do Lobo Filigree Mirror, flourishes in a shape traditional to Portuguese culture and art, its structure is made from brass cords, gilded in 18k gold featuring a brass sheet which is hand hammered to achieve its concave shape.

Photo by © Boca do Lobo

Azulejos, the most iconic form of Portuguese historic art, are hand painted tiles that often portray scenes from our history or its fabulous sights, decorated with glazed colorful designs showing Moorish motifs which have curvilinear, lace-like and looping designs, or even have geometric or floral schemes.

Photo by © Boca do Lobo

Heritage Sideboard is also one of Boca do Lobo exclusives pieces, presents a different number of layers of Azulejos, where each one tells a different story. This sideboard is lined with hand painted tiles. In its interior, there is one door and four drawers fully lined with gold leaf. Contains two shelves made in bronze glass.

Photo by © Boca do Lobo

After the success of Homo Faber 2018, this cultural event will return in 2020 for its second edition. In the meantime review some of the many great moments at the most inspiring showcase of fine craftsmanship!

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